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ok~! i got out from that 'cloudy day' of mine. i know that i'm a positive person, but it's just at certain times when those things strike, the mind just don't know how to continue going straight but go the other way instead. and now my mind is back on track. =)

thanks for all those encouraging words, my dear friends. to Nigel, thanks fro the concern, but i'm ok now. to Amane: thank you~ pooh pooh~~ can't wait to see u and pooh pooh again :P to Hannah: *hugs hugs hugs hugs* those are really encouraging =D and i realised, there's actually nothing to worry about. as long as i continue to learn, the days ahead will be better =D

sis, let me say this again. I'm sorry now for using your hard earn money. but after i graduate, this leech will get off you and you can buy Rolex or Prada or Merz .

then again, you have to teach me ALOT about financial stuff. i admit i'm too clueless about it.


neilwasabi said...

Good to see you back on your original shape. Your words scared me though...... ( ---w---.)

So see ya at U!

eiChi said...


nigel~ dont worry. haha! XD it' sjust words. :P

thanks though =) see you too!