Happy Shooting

"Fire in the hole~" Kabooom~!!!!

the horde came. thn Boomer arrived, vomited on me, attracted more zombies, right clicked frantically thn shoot . moved along with team mates. Smoker dragged me from behind and house a.k.a team mates came to the rescue. weeee~~~ heard the cries of the Witch. quickly turned off the flash lights. lalalalala~ didnt wana mess with her. and then... the ground shook. aaaaaah~~ my worst fear came. Taaaannnkkk~~ i quickly reversed, ain't wana be the victim and got killed again. ima coward XD mahahaha~ saw safehouse!!! yay!!!!


damn i hate that map most. got killed 3 times in the last map.

btw, don't worry. the zombie-killing frenzy in our house is dying now coz another horde of different species is coming in. jeng jeng jeng jeng~~


*reloads gun and head shots the assignments. muakakakakaka*

life is so much fun with rabid killings.


k. back to sanity.

my Web Design assignment got approved my lecturer. yay! presentation next week. i wonder what will happen when he sees my source file.... LOL!!

animation... feeling numb towards the animation assignments oledy. remember last semester? omg...... ! so, ok de la.

video production... doing now. a report on history of non-linear video editing system.. ...

3D? will go down to my sister place this weekend and ask for rescue team. haha!

multimedia imaging.....die liaw. next week have to hand in a 5 to 10 secs of an animated logo, using After Effects. *still getting inspirations from everywhere*

... ...

*cricket sound is heard*

*head shots the assignments again*

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