the curious case of a cup of milk.

because i say so. ahahahahhahahaha!

i'm actually halfway coding my website now. hard for me to get the exact layout i want. but meh, what i did so far is close to my drafts, so okla~ gime more chances la. first time doing leh :P

and later gona play with some 3D interior design. hohoho... *drinks tea* ain't gona sleep early tonight!

and oh gosh, played L4D again. this time with my house mates!!! no more one-man-show~! wahaha!! all 3 of us (me, Allen and Shi Xian. Khee Ming went back to JB for a few days.. too bad.. coz he's the ace in shooting game) kill zombies like there's no tomorrow~ roooaaarrr~~ (of course with the condition that all of us had done over 50% of our assignments. we are very disciplined, you know :p)

*tut* hate the Witch and the Tank. i always got targeted by the Witch , just because i forgot to turn off my flash lights whenever her cries is heard. celaka =_= the Tank? it's just too huge to be tackled down! and it is most exciting when a horde comes attacking you from EVERYWHERE!!! weeeeeee~~~ shooting and dodging like crazy XD

*shoot shoot shoot HEADSHOT weeeeee~~~~*

love it when i got them head shot! hiakhiakhiak! this is definitely a good way to release stress!

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