lol. how true. i like Facebook, but i just don't get the 'poke' and the threads of comments that i received in my email everyday, and the many things that Mr Smith had mentioned in the video. some of the applications/functions on FB are good, coz they helps me keep in touch with most of my primary and secondary school friends; some are just... blerh..

still, i like using Facebook :)

and this is my 500th post! wow! it took me almost 3 years to post this many. and somehow in this 3 years, my English is degrading O.O''' omg!!! just the thought of it has left me in despair~!!!!!! i've forgotten all those fancy words that i used to write a lot in my essays, even the structure of sentences, they have all become so poorly formed.... i want to read alot again. newspapers perhaps? yea.. which reminds me, i have to buy one today for assignment use. =_+

it's Thursday. i'm free from classes today. and oh dear i have to start practicing my After Effects skills ( i had a hard time catching up with the lecture during the first class since i sat too far from the screen); have to study HTML and CSS code (we have to come out with a static webpage consisting of at least 10 pages about ourselves by week 5); 3D!!!! i couldnt install 3D Max 09 in my laptop!!! =O "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002). Click Ok to terminate the application" keeps popping out even after i installed it properly. My friends all said its the Microsoft problem..... oh no.. what should i do ... =_=

yare yare.. everything is too new to me. but they are all so fun to explore and play with. sure it's difficult at first, but soon i'll get the hang of it. wakakakakaa XD k, off to play :P

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