Happy Holiday~~



everyone from my class is feeling the pressure building in. oh great.. i look at my assignments plan now (i wrote them all out on a paper and stick it to my wall). and i feel lost. @.@ just how and where and which should i start first?! D:

i've been playing too much for the past two nights. yeah, i'm feeling guilty now. but you still cant scrap off the fact that today is the first day of my one week sem break. I WANNA PROCRASTINATE!!!

and i've watched the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Brotherhood. what should i say? looks like it's not gona be like a 2nd season for the first Fullmetal Alchemist that released 4 years ago. it's more like a remake on the story (think The Hulk(s)). looks great and promising to me, as i get to me the awesome villains again XD and the ultimate seiyuu combo from Paku Romi (Edward Elric) and Kugimiya Rie (Alphonse Elric) . and Maes Hughes is alive again~!!!! XD besides, the opening song from Yui and the ending song from SID are great too~! *downloading the full version of the songs at the moment*

damn, i should have brought my first season of FMA here. i really wanna watch the series again. i would say it is one of the best anime i've seen so far. the story plot, the themes and the lessons i learn from there are just awesome.

aaaah... procrastinate....


oklah, at least i'll go do some textures hunting for my 3D mapping la.

Happy Holidays to my fellow friends from LUCT :)


hana said...

oh its not a season 2? D:


And holidays are meant to be relaxing so don't feel guilty having fun. be sure to relax lots so you'll feel more determined and refreshed when you're back to classes.

Gambateh eichi!!11

neilwasabi said...

lol, me feel no strength at all to do anything too......

at Seremban now doing nothing...... going back desa on monday!

eiChi said...

@Hana: no.. it's not season 2 =_= just hope it wont spoil the original version of anime FMA :P

and holiday.. LOL! i'd played games for 3 hours straight yesterday!! O.O''' ahahaha~~~ so shiok XD i really should relax more. ho ho~ coz after i played the games i feel got more energy inside me to do my work. haha :P

@nigel: u at Seremban? n comin back today? y not just stay there for the week?