you know, sometimes i really wonder whether i'm expecting too much from myself.

i get this weird feeling every time i see a person who's same age or 1 or 2 years older than me, getting their future all sorted out and well, just become successful in what they do. it's not envy. i do not feel depressed either. i'll just wonder, how can they be like that?

is it because of their social network that landed them many opportunities for them to explore? or is it because their 'hunting' skill is just awesome =_=

i've told the world many times that i'm gona be famous one day. one day. which day? soon? famous for what? my creativity i hope. but who knows i might get involve in politics and work along side with our beloved Prime Minister? okay, this is just a random thought. ignore that.

to tell the truth, i've wasted quite a number of opportunities since i got into University. probably i'm still inadequate to become one that could be invited to shows or publicity. that's why, now every time i see the chances appear, i'll quickly grab them. i don't want to lose anything anymore.

it's hard to tell yourself to be 'mature' and a real workaholic, especially when you very well know that you are still a student. as hardworking as i want to be, there's still this side of me that pulls me off the edge and drags me into the playground. *dooosh~* like now. there's just sooooo many things that i need to do and complete. but the week itself screams "IT'S HOLIDAY!", and your mind get knocked to the side, away from those work. damn i hate it whenever it happens. T_T i should stop writing this now and get back with my assignments.

but it's complicated! because i know i'm capable of working fast and produce good quality works. oh no, sounds like i'm full of myself. which is not. i just know what my abilities are and that i can use them well.

right. the cough is still in me and i guess that's the reason for these stray thoughts. and i'm hungry. gah.

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