i feel guilty...


just because my left hand is handicapped and i can't play well when it comes to L4D versus mode. i always screw up the whole thing and brings trouble to my team mates, whether i'm on the spawn or survivors side. I JUST CAN'T EVADE OR ATTACK FAST ENOUGH!!!

right. i know it's just a game and should be chill with it. but i can't escape the fact that i delay/screw up everything =_= especially when my friend is already there inside the game to guide me and tell me what to do. you guys have 5 fingers to move your character around. i just only have one O.O''' that is just not fair.

which reminds me, that when i played the other day, one guy was attacked by Smoker, and i was standing kinda far from that guy and damn i was surrounded by zombies too! that guy died in the end, and when the game restarts (we all died) he blamed me. saying that i duno how to aim and shove the zombies away. i told him i'm a girl and i'm handicapped. he replied:"that's y i say you're a noob." celaka~!!! i was about to press the button "C" and defend myself when a smoker dragged him again. this time only me saw it and saved him. Hah! thn i got dc from teh game. eeesh.

anyway. just wana let out my frustration. =_= i'm happy when i meet players who don't mind about my problems (being slow in the game) , but when i meet those who just think about themselves, i can just let them die when spawns attack.

still. i feel guilty for letting my friend down in the versus game just now. he made a slot for me in the game, and halfway playing i decided to quit. i'd brought them too much hassle.

life isn't fair for me when it comes to games like this.


and you think my holiday is just playing L4D and Pet Society and Restaurant City all day round?

wrong. i do my assignments at day and only play games after midnight. i'm a very discipline girl XD

uuuuuuurrrrrgghhhh~!! still feeling frustrated. next time don't ever invite me to play versus, coz i'd bring hell to my own team mates. raaawwwrrr!


pui said...

wow, play L4D game eh. I have not play this game yet. If I play now sure lousy and slow too. Sure same will be scolded "noob" by players too. xD

eiChi said...

ah~!go play go play~! thn next time we can play togteher XD

ern said...

Wow.. the game's getting popular~~ i dint play but watch the intro. very kintio la >.<