brains...need brains..

holy crap.

i'm idling. it's such a brilliant and beautiful Saturday morning with birds chirping outside and cool breeze blowing into my room. and my subconscious tells me to ignore my animation assignment for the moment. oh yeah~ i'm been ignorant XD

*grinning widely like a Cheshire cat* these days beside being ignorant. i've been zombified too. i guess you know what i;m going to say next. hoho yes~ L4D. a few days ago i decided to train myself crowing the witch, and whola~ succeeded =D now i have no fear for the witches! and yay~ i finally completed an Expert level for the No Mercy campaign~! still.. dying 8 times in the process is, ouch... =_=''' played the game with Momo, Monkey and Squall in Garena last night. all with cute names. lol!

put that aside. last night too i went and watch a damn old movie in Youtube. it's 'Night of the Living Dead'.. the 1960s version one. ahahahahaahhaha~! not bad~ the zombies inside the movie aren't scary at all, but what makes the film works are the cinematography and storyplot (meaning the conflicts occur inside la). yaya. you must be thinking i must be having a fetish on zombies now.

and then, my housemate intruduced me to another zombie fighting game! =O this time it's not using guns and fire bombs, but it's Plant VS Zombies =D hear it b4? it's a flash game released by PopCap. the zombies inside are so damn cute compare to the L4D ones (duh), and it's really amusing to watch the plants you planted formed like an army to attack the 'incomings' zombies!!

it's cute. and it's not easy as it looks. playing this cute cute flash game requires strategy O.O'''

yes, now my entire household members are into planting flowers and vegetables. great, thanks to Qi Ming. lol!

ok ok. it's almost lunch time. alright, i shall start with my animation straight after i have my lunch. promise. yes.... :P

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