update lah~

you know, ever since i have eye conjunctivitis, i've been sleeping earlier than Qi Ming, one of my housemates and coursemates. it is a very rare and surprising thing you see, as he is known for sleeping damn early (between 10.30pm t0 12pm), and now i'm the one who go off to dreamland first in the house. wow~

and i wake up damn early everyday =_='''

my red eye is getting better though, after the doctor gave me different pills and eyedrops to try on. now only a little bit of red bloodlines (or whatever you call it) can be seen. yay!

and and and, i don't know why but i feel so free right now even though there's still Animation final to be completed, and my progression for that? just merely 5%, wahahahahahahaha~! but it's ok, i have a whole week of time to do that. hohohoho.

had presented my 3D Putrajaya mosque to lecturer on Monday and website final just yesterday. i guess i can say that it's the 3D that started to irritate my eyes and make them red. lol! coz it was during that time that my eyes got sick! i blame the 3D XD

you know how many shapes and segments are there??? i don't even dare to count or even know it =_='''

this is just test render with the light source. will complete a proper one with background for the final submission on next Monday.

as for my website final, we have to come out with a 'mini' website about a project from a Non Government Organization. I chose to Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur as my NGO 'client'and did them a website for their 'Japanese Film Show Festival'~~ yay~!! and of course i made up the festival lah~ the actual event is just weekly film show. i just changed it to 'festival', to make it more.. erm.. 'festival-ish' =_='''

and it took me quite a while to finally came out with this final piece, coz in the original one i had, the navigation bar was at the bottom of the page and viewers have to scroll down just to click it. it irritates me alot. in the end i just fixed it at the bottom of the browser so everywhere people scroll they will see the buttons, ahaha :D

yes, shall watch Evangelion 2.0 when it is out!!!

ok! my video is done rendering and is ready to be presented tomorrow, hohoho! will upload it on Youtube after it's been approved by lecturer :)

so? time to play XD

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"Admission is free". No "the".