Happy Saturday morning to everyone~!!!! =D

and Happy Holiday to meeeeeeeeee~!!!!!!!

omg.. finally. this hectic semester is over. and it felt just like yesterday that i came to KL. me and my classmates all agree that time flies unbelievably fast for this sem. and.. sad to say that some of our close friends won't be able to join us for next sem due to certain reasons... :(

anyway. i feel some kind of loneliness right now since my sister is back in Kuching and going to stay overnight at Damai with mum and dad today. aaaaaaaarrrghhhh~!!!!! and i'm stuck here in Cyberjaya just after i finished my semester =O why can't i own a teleport or something so that i can be with my family at the beach, playing under the sun of the beach. hohoho~!!!! *continues to whines* i wana go out somewhere today!!!!

ok. time to show my animation to you all. and oh dear, done it all in just 3 days. it's so damn last minute. my original animation planning is actually 1 minute plus, and now i cut it half and become like... 42 secs? lol!

the final for our animation is actually just do a 15 -30 secs lip sync with any topic and drawing style you like. i had trouble thinking about the topic at first, because, what can be said in just 15 secs without any proper storyline??! in the end, i come out with this... and i glad i did, because it saved me lots of time to draw from different camera angles and.. erm.. actions...

yayaya.. all the voice acting is done by me. and the background music is from Hana Kimi OST.

enjoy it? i hope you do. hahaha XD

and here's some of my finalised 3D rendering. it's a cincai work. the main big door isn't actually look like that. but meh~ who cares. i'm not studying architecture =_='''

mahahaha~! i dare not to render anything that is so close up and detail and i don't want my lecturer to see some of the incomplete/cincai mapping part. hahahhahahaha!!!! but ok la, good effort from me la. doing this 3D costs me 2 times of red eyes ok?!! first time is when i was modelling it. after my red eye got better, i went back 3D to render it, and the red eye starts again. so yeah, i blame the 3D =_='''

alright la~! actually i still have to finalize my animation and video production work to be submitted on Monday. but meh, play first. hohoho~!


Quin said...

cute!!! very nice voice acting also~

happy holidays! enjoy it to the max!

eiChi said...

Hi Quin, thanks for the comment =D haha.. ya, Happy Holidays to you too!!!

Farris said...

Awww, very cuuute animation!
"Omanizer, omanizer..." XD

The renders are very nice looking too. =)