to my dearest Kuching friends =D

Ossu~!!! Minna-san~ especially to my photography + otaku + design partnersss in crime in Kuching, I shall be back on the 28th this June.

... don't ask. i know it's kinda late. but my sis had already bought the air ticket. but anyway, wait for me ne? when i go back i wana go photoshooting with you all again, and take part in those cosplay activities. damn i missed a lot!!! and of course, Wingle, it's time for Karaoke nights again when i get back. muahahahahahahaah~! also L4D sessions!!! and Curry-senpai must join in as well, i don't care if you're getting bored with the game (honestly me too.. but after watching the L4D 2 trailer...*whistles*) . Lance, you also. and oh, paintballs! i wana play paintballs!!! raawwwrrr!!!!

damn, there're just too many things i wana do when i get back. and this time, i must really make myself a proper website!

anyways, guys, wait for me ne? =D

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