yay~ another photo of the recent me~

I said ' bye bye~' to my Cyberjaya little room and went down to stay with my sister on Sunday. so for the rest of the weeks before i fly back to Kuching, I'm gona be at sister's office everyday to help her with her work (or leech their internet for downloading stuff, mahaahah) .

so basically nothing new these few days. i stop playing Maple again since I can't play it in office (obviously) and the Maxis connection at home is not strong enough *sob*. didn't play L4D at all as you all know it's always boring to play with the AI.... they just don't take any pipe bombs or molotovs for you =_=''' arrgh~

the place i took the photo above is actually at the PEDAS Hot Spring a.k.a Genting Highland's spa center. openning this Saturday. i got the priviledge to visit the spa first coz my sis and her designers designed the interior. it's beautiful. yep, so make sure bring your family there next time you go Genting. hehe :P

alright, that;'s all for now. don't really have the mood to blog a long post these day XD

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