at first I thought it'll be held in Jakarta this year. but when I went to the link gotten from Faye's blog. woooaah~ it is decided. I'm going again since it's gona be at the same place. wohuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~ *throws confetti* gona start saving money for the trip again eh? :P but seriously, paying just RM 16 for a 2 days pass including watching May'N concert is like the best bargain for me ever.

and GACC. me and my housemates had planned it even before the holiday started. we are going. yay! Melaka is not a problem for us since one of my housemate has car, and she always drive back and forth from Johor to KL. can't miss out the chibi Matsuri this time :)

yes. i deliberately post up this picture taken 2 months ago and edited by Wie Nie because we look so cute together, and surprisingly, for the first time in my life, i feel like i'm a girly girl in this pic, posing with a face like that, not to mention my 2 rabbits and the cat hat have also contributed so much for the cuteness. nyahahahahahahahaha~

anyway, this is just a random post. just wana tell everyone that i;m so excited about AFA09. and yep~ going to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with Sanda this Saturday~ yay!!! really sorry to Hilary and his gang coz i wont be able to join them to Damai that day. maybe next time =D

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