i had an awesome weekend. i thank Gilbert koko for organizing this activity and thank Wingle for inviting me to join. i went hiking at Gunung Singai together with the others PhotoBorneo members. i'm telling you, i seriously love climbing up the mountain. it makes me feel so macho with dirt on my body and sweating like i just got out from a bath. LOL!

it's my first time there, at Gunung Singai, and was kinda surprise to see quite a lot of families there as well. when i say family, i mean even grandpa grandma and grandchildren too! oh, and doggies.

i bet it's a she. she's too beautiful :P

i thought the wood staircases would continue whole way up to the top, and was so happy to find the staircase stop and what lays ahead is the dirty rocky path of our beloved rainforest. now this is what i call 'hiking' XD i don't mind getting myself dirty.

we only took photos before the real hiking began. only pro photographers like Jackson and Gilbert can pull off a good shot while climbing the mountain.

ya.. this little furry caterpillar became our model for almost half an hour. lol! and it just stayed there for half an hour, too scared to move i guess.

see? all of us just busy shooting the furry little fellow :P

and we found this cool spiderweb before reaching the big gathering place at the middle of the mountain. we sprayed water on it so it'd be visible for us to shoot. i cant manage to shoot the spider for im just using my little PnS Canon... *sobs*

i like this one. you? :P

Wingle busy snapping away =D

Peter reached the top fastest. followed by me and Jackson. and found this little cute model playing with bubbles. we asked her to blow more for us to shoot and she happily comply :D

then the rest came up. all looking so worn out and happy to have reached the top at last.

and a big applause for Kenan!!! the conqueror of the Mount Singai!!! raawwrrrr!!!! yep, he did a good job! XD

Wingle 拜天公. lol!!!

not much of the view up there. but it's the process that counts :P

and last but not least, we never forget to take a group photo. say cheeese~~ =D ya.. i was sticking my tongue out for fun XD photo taken by Gilbert, the guy in blue shirt :P

anyway. for rest of the photos. just come my facebook album. enjoy~!

k, gotta continue to do work. man... whole body muscle pain!! O.O'''

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