i don't think this picture is considered as camwhoring. because usu when people camwhore, they will take photos of their faces or sexy/hot body. and this photo shows neither both of them. so yeah... i guess this is called, for me, self-satisfaction. LOL!

..yeah..well the truth is i just miss taking photos of myself. remember i used to set up my own 'studio' at home? using a tripod, put timer and i'd just pose in front of my camera. now i just don't have that mood to do it anymore. lol.. talking about getting older. what???!

got that cap when i went to Boulevard to meet up with Ruth and the gang the other day. it comes together with a tote bag with the same graphic print on it. and i was actally aiming for the bag at first. didn;t actually look good when i tried on the cap that day. but i still bought it anyway since it's just RM 10 for both items. mahahaha~ good bargain meh~ i;ve seen the original version of the goods and they costs more than hundred bucks! sometimes buying pirated stuff also good for commoner like me XD

speaking of which. i'm aiming for this one at the moment.

Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Autofocus Lens

it's selling for just RM 420 at Shashinki.com. yes baby~ i've aimed for this for a loooooooong time already. and i've decided. im going to get this baby this year. but still, i'm hoping to meet anyone who is good enough to sell me a 2nd hand Nikon f/1.8D lens. so if you guys, by any chance know anyone who wants to sell this, 2nd hand, do let me know, k?

oooh yes~ can't wait to get my hand on this one :P alright. back to work XD

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