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i just realised that my little Canon can take wide angle view, after all these years that i have owned it o.O''' seems like sticking with a PnS (point and snap) camera has do me some good... now i can film-liked photos!! =D

well i guess my portfolio website construction has to be put into halt since i'm busy with my work. plus the assignment. but i'm happy to say that at least i've done 2 pages for my website portfolio. i'll just have to postpone it to my next holiday then. who knows by then i have learn how to use javascript and flash, and have better ideas for my website. :)

i wana go out yamcha with my friends again, esp classmates from my secondary school. i've met up with some of them the other day. Catherine, Cai Yan, Ruth, Wan Hui, and Milton. had dinner together at Boulevard. and damn.. Cai Yan transforms into a well-dressed lady =D nearly everyone of us eye her from head to toe when we first saw her for the dinner. again.. it's been 2 years since we graduated from secondary school. we are all 20 years old now. it's not shocking to see any one of them become more mature. in this case ,i mean dressing style. speaking of which, i'm planning to get myself a killer high heel this year.. probably for my birthday. can't help but to make myself feeling sexy for awhile XD

group photo of us. Catherine suggested us to all pose with the 'peace' sign :P

Wam Hui, me and Ruth. both of them looking as sweet as ever. and they wear contacts!!!

all of them are leaving so soon. esp Ruth. leaving in 3 more days to India!!!!! and she's gona be staying there for 5 and a half years!!!! o.O''' i definitely gona drag her out for another yamcha session tomolo or Saturday night. lol!

ok. gota continue doing my work now. it's the smell of money that attracts me at the moment. lol!


hana said...

omg 20 years old.....

i totally forgot about that until i read that line and im like whut? 20? hah? OH SNAP I AM GONNA BE 20 SOON.

And i feel so unaccomplished :C


anyways, YES TO HEELS!!! they are magic i tell you. GET THEM <3

oh and why you don't wanna get contacts? its easier. well according to people cuz I wouldn't know :p


or maybe thats just me :/

hmm. 20 indeed.

i am such fail.

eiChi said...

lol~ ya, it's somewhat freaky that we used to be like.. 15 and acted like we are 20 sth... now we are 20 and it feels like, damn.. it's too soon.

i wanted to get contacts, but the thought of poking it onto my eye is enough to freak me out O.O''' maybe one day.. i will try....

and the heels~ i think i play too much Sorority Life on Facebook to make me wana own one. lol!

that shirt is from MnG, my sis gave me that. she said it looks weird on her. and now i know what she meant by that XD but it's cute right? muahahaha :P