UNO madness!!!!

mustn't let it fall!!!!!


well.. so far i just made it collapsed twice out of so many rounds... ahak :3


right... so i'm feeling kinda stress these few days... just realised that it is less than a week for me to complete 2 work.. going back to KL on the 29th.

this holiay is too short for me. i don't even get the chance to meet up with Boon Lee and Aylwin yet! bumped into Allan this morning at Padungan there eating breakfast and i had a good chat with him. it amazed me how we always went into the same kopi tiam such coincidentially. the last time was at Green Road's Ruby Coffee Shop. also, having breakfast XD

damn, i need a time turner or some device that slows down the time. i NEED more time. argh! i'm a slave for money at the moment. lol! NOOOO!!! I;m still a student studying in Uni and i wana play when i got the time!! :S can't blame me for such naive mentality. ... but.. it's true what... let me play more when i'm still a student!

ok. enough of craps and useless grumbles. rest time's over and gotta start continuing with work.

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