tonight, i can finally sleep peacefully..

a month of holiday in Kuching just ended so suddenly, as if it's only been a day. Tomorrow night i'll be boarding the plane and flying back to KL already.. wao... i seriously wish that this holiday will last a little longer.

i guess the reason why i feel this holiday is short is because i've taken up part time job just 2 days after i was back in Kuching. and since then every day was just like a new term to me, working day and night. plus that i have assignment from school to be completed. ouch.

nevertheles, i'm satisfied that i still able to meet up with most of my friends. old school mates, great buddies, fellow photography and anime freaks, i've been hanging out with them for many nights during this oh so short holiday. i even managed to organize a barbeque with my friends! yay!

well..at least this holiday is a well spent one, regardless of how packed my time is with work. experience is what matters in my field.

speaking of experience, me and my fello co-workers had a really fun experience doing voice recording at CatsFM. the recording is done for the animation that i was still working on 3 hours ago. LOL. it is really damn fun to do recording at a proper studio. we were all 'sakai' when we got there and kept on 'ooh-ing' and 'waah-ing' here and there. we even got a free tour around the place after that! cool huh?

ooo.. the recording control section ... ooooooooo.. sweet.....feel like becoming DeeDee from Dexter's Laboratory and ask :"OO~ What does this button do?" :3

me, Yen, and Wayne inside the recording room. Yen got the major role, while mine was just 2 lines. weeee~~~ XD

group photo after the recording. me and Yen just wana show some girl power. ahak~ :3
there are more photos but since i wana sleep early tonight... ya.. i'm lazy.. so just go to my facebook album and see them if you want. here's the link >> CatsFM sakai trip!

and then last week Hilary invited me to his house for a 5J gathering.... ... ... well.. i'm not supposed to be there since i'm from 5I technically.... but since i got invited. bwaahahahaaha~ Hilary is my faithful slave after all. LOL! too bad he'll be going to India soon. gona miss him lots! we can only 'pentok' through Facebook thn XD

the group photo =D i'm the odd one out XD
ok. i'm going to sleep soon. gaining weight due to sleep deprivation is not on my 'to-do-list'. lol! i seriously need some sleep, gota recharge my energy.
SLEEP TIME!!!! WHEEEEEEE~~~~~*eiChi bounces off to bed*

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