my sis is having a meeting at the Genting ThemePark Office. my parents are enjoying themselves watching the Chai Chin concert inside the Garena Star. me? sitting inside Coffee Bean enjoying the internet. LOL!

my parents followed me to KL this time, cuz my sis had bought them tickets to watch the famous Chai Chin's concert. yes, it's really amazing and amusing at the same time to see flocks of old folks rushing towards the same direction, and most of them have really dressed up for the event, including my mum!

gona go back to Cyberjaya next week. new semester starts the week after. it's hard to imagine how the new modules would be like. according to my seniors, it's a hell lot worse. *gasp* it's gona be another semester with busy schedule again, no doubt.

i'm actually having a flu right now. and NOOO! it's NOT H1N1, i assure you. the weather is just too hot for me and i drank less water thn usual for the last few days, plus with sleep deprivation, my body just broke down :( i hope it'll be better tomolo since me n my family will be visiting Bukit Tinggi, the France village. weeee~~~ gona kick some rabbits arse there. muahahahahahaah~

ok, signing off =)


right, so i've just been to my Limkokwing student portal website and got my results :3

i finally got a B. LOL! as expected for my video production XD i've never hoped to get an A for this one. i guess i gotta work harder for Video Production 2. maybe a better storyline for my video, or just make whatever that my lecturer likes. XD
good job, eiChi! u deserve more ice cream :3


neilwasabi said...

Wow, u got splendid result!

eiChi said...

thanks, Nigel :)how'surs?