Wahahahaha~! I've been back in Kuching for almost a week already. I've eaten my all time favourite Laksa, pork rice, beef noodles and mom's cooking!

and it's really comfortable to be back. the feeling is just so warm (no, i'm not talking about the hot weather) when i stepped inside my own cozy dog nest again. i really do pity my old desktop computer... it struggled a few times just to have it boot up. it's just too old. plus the fact that i have my laptop now... maybe i should just switch my old PC on once in a while =_='''

and oh ya! finally i get to listen to my favourite songs in such quality that almost turn me on at times XD i LOVE my hi-fi sound system!!!! nyahahahaha~!!! if only i could carry it together with me to KL...

anyway, so Gary, Wingle, Sanda and me went fora drink on my second night in Kuching. met up with Lance too, and got to know another new photographer named Brandon. just catching up with each other, mostly about cameras and photography, with some random craps XD

Gary from 5J also came to nudge me in msn too. sorry ah Gary, yesterday you tried to ask me out for a drink but i was at work... (yes.. work... well come to this later :P) maybe next Monday night la :P

Hou Kee also contacted me. gosh! it's been 2 long years that i last saw him. he just bought a NIKON D90, and wanted to have a talk about it with me. photography lovers...yes we are. I met up with him and Siang Ling the other night, at the new Starbucks. both Ruth and Wenli couldn't make it. and damn i was so excited to see them, and glad to see that they are still the same XD esp Siang Ling :P so we gossip throughout the night. they are really so many things to catch up with them, which made me only went home at 1.30 a.m! XD yea.. mum got mad at me the next day... lol.. what to do? we moved our gossip place from Starbucks to Open Air. it's hard to chew and talk at the same time XD

yay~ Hou Kee and Siang Ling =D ... now you know why i said she's still the same.. random and cute XD


seriously, i need to hang out more with you guys before you all left for Russia, States, UK, India, Cezh Republic etc etc etc. my friends will be all over the world =_='''

right. about work. so my lovely Yen called me up on Monday, telling me that there's a job opportunity for me and asked me to go to the office the next day. and so i did XD

Yen and her hubby at work =D the standing lady is our kind and sweet 'supervisor'. she's good in 3D!

yea.. that empty chair is my seat in the office. we bring our own laptop to work.

and i think this is Gerald's Gundam... i think...

aaah~ i miss my Nikon T___T all pictures above are taken by my baby Canon :P

alright. i have no idea how to end my post. i know, i sucks right? XD

so i'm gona post a music video here.

yes. i thick face one. and cant deny the fact that i love to sing but sometimes just sucks at it. oh well XD


neilwasabi said...

envy...... T____T
got works to do? u guys got inter ship too? envy......

kuching foods......

eiChi said...

no Nigel, i dont have any internship. it;s just part time job :P

neilwasabi said...

Oh, that's cool!
Guess I'll still be seeing u next sem! ^^