actually there are a lot of things that I want to blog about. but whenever I try to start typing them out, it dawns me that all these pieces of my life aren't important to be noted down anyway, at least... i think of them as nothing, just something trivial better keep to myself or just forget about it.

i used to have the freedom to blog about anything I want, but now no more. there's times i really want to shut down this blog. too much publicity does no good. I'm the kind of person who, well i admit, sensitive at how people think of me. and then there's people telling me i should not blog about this and that. it's just frustrating.

i used to complain a lot of things, and i wrote them all out here. but as years passed all these complaints just seem so foolish to me. last time i blog because i complaint about all those problems i encountered in life. now i blog because it becomes like a job to me. to keep you all updated of my life, or what my random mind is thinking at the moment. and right now this random mind of mine is thinking about blogging about panties. shock you? i guess you all have known my perverted mind since God knows when.

anyway, back to topic. well what's the topic of this post anyway? o.O''' right, so i'll continue this post with a lighter mood XD


... ... you can ignore that.

okay, so I'm starting my semester 4 tomorrow. and i have nothing to say about it. i have no idea what the lecturers have in store for us yet. well, maybe after this week and everything will be clear as crystal.. i hope :3

gonna stack up all my energy supplies again: milk, 100 plus, coke, tea and coffee. its gona be another tough semester. wish me luck :)


Quin said...

ah... i understand what you're going through. I have just been thinking about this. when i first started blogging, it excited me when people start commenting, it pushed me on to blog. BUT, now when i have something in my mind which i really want to type down, it occured to me some people might be reading it, and this prevented me from speaking my mind.

but then i constantly remind myself that my blog is my personal space. so heck, i have a right to what i wanna say. i guess we just have to be less paranoid? i dunno... haha~

anyway, all the best and good luck for tomorrow! have fun!

*yea~ i won't need to be there~*

hana said...

hahaha. its not only you. its ALL of us. I think abi is the ONLY one who still blogs faithfully like no tomorrow XD

I find myself opening up a page to rant every now and then, 3 lines into it and I find my anger dissipates or the whole thing being silly and I delete the whole thing wtf.

And whatever I blog nowadays are all tripled checked and out of obligation to a few friends or like i keep telling myself: one day you would appreciate it when youre old and gray and you look back at your memories since youre a lazy ass to buy an actual photo album XD

get a private blog. liberating i swear.

although im pretty sure you already have one *grins

PS: omg stop about the underwear thing cuz now youre making me wanna buy lacy sexy victoria secrets ones that cost a bomb.


and drive each other broke to extinction first ah wtf.

eiChi said...

@Quin: lucky you, don't have to step inside teh campus for a semester :3

ya.. i guess most bloggers have this kind of problem. and i salute that Singapore blogger XiaXue for staying true to herself in the blog for so looong.

@Hana: lol yes~ i got a private blog where i rant all my hearts out, when i;m really angry/sad. it's an emo blog! XD

and there's no need to form a club. we can just spam at each other's FB or blog anyway XD haha~

btw, i found this super cute website>> http://pupe.ameba.jp/?affiliateUser=MimfL4uAvLoP it's like an online community playing dress up and share photos of what you have owned. just flaunt your stuff there. it's PINK! duno about you though but i like it. got my account last night. tell me if you join XD

hana said...


my nickname is hana.

i dunno how to find you ah wtf please find me and add me and teach me how to play ah.