I'd been to 5 classes so far this week, and had listened to various lecturers briefing of our modules this semester. and this is how i will conclude them.

Video Production 2 - Playing and fooling around with green screen technique should be fun. plus I'm having a partner to work with.

3D Design 2 - Haruno Sakura should be a challenging one to do... with all the curves... well i think it's better than doing Gaara or Shikamaru or Sasuke. i mean.. we have only these 4 to choose from =_='''

Web Design 2 - I'm excited to do it. This is all i can say for the moment.

Research Methodology - Writings, thinking, researching, observing and more writings. how fun can that be =O

Multemedia Imaging 2 - I FEAR it, but at the same time i can't wait to see what i can come out with. and the dignified aura emitted from my lecturer this morning was enough to make me doubt my capabilities.

Multimedia Project Management - well.. gona have this class tomorrow. so lets just say... "to be concluded soon"

it's gonna be one hell of a rough and chaotic semester for me and my classmates. i mean, assignments on the first week?!

now i feel the difference of being 20..

i know they are old. but these 2 songs/music videos make my day :)


hana said...


he's like my fav!

lol im surprised they didnt give naruto.

hana said...
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hana said...

and speaking of curves...

gaara's gourd has like way more curves than sakura ah srsly isnt she like all flat *evil laugh

eiChi said...

haha~! knew you would say that :P i like Gaara too honestly. but duno. i think doing Sakura in 3D is more fun to me.

and... i just found out most of my classmates are doing Sasuke =O oh the emo guy...