so my little laptop went overload 2 day ago and crashed, scaring the shit out of me. it just kept on booting up till the 'windows loading' stage thn blue screen and than restart itself again.. and again.. and again... both of my housemates didn't know what causes this and practically that whole night, with my laptop shut tightly at a corner..i was certain that my soul flew somewhere else to catch some 'happy air'...

i was so kintio ok??~! O.O''' if it's just the Windows goes haywire thn all i got to do is reinstall the Windows.. but if it's hardware crash.. die gao gao... so yesterday i rushed down to Digital Mall, with the help from my cousin and her boyfriend (thanks so much!!! *hugs*), got my laptop fixed by the nice koko whom i bought this laptop from :3 and thank god it's just a false alarm. my laptop is perfectly ok and everything inside the disk is still intact XD

so the possible scenario that made my laptop went haywire is this : from early morning (around 7.30am..yes, i woke up pretty early), i switched on my laptop.. surfing the net first... thn did the design for the Widget poster..which is a very big file since it has to be A1 size... finished it at around noon time.... watched some animes... surfed the net again... thn opened another software to do another design work... discussing project with freinds through msn... at around 6 pm, i told my friend that i wana play game first. so i double clicked on L4D (it's been ages since i last played), and viola~~ the Bios setting got crazy. it changed to the setting that the motherboard only supports for Vista, not XP.. that's why my laptop can't boot properly at all =_='''

anyways, my laptop came back to life and i'm glad everything' still the same as before. just that i have to really be careful with what i do with my laptop now. just make sure it gets its needed rest from time to time..in a day... lol!


and i couldnt resist myself to post this. ahahahahahha!!!!

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