another week has passed.

i've been slacking quite alot this week. which i concluded on Facebook that 'it's human nature for our body to automatically shut down whenever holiday is around the corner'.. we all know it's just an excuse. but hey~ Raya is here!!!!

and my sis and the rest of the YoungBlood Creation are at Hong Kong having their company trip! why of course i ask for souvenirs from each of them! hahahaha~! i'm the youngest after all XD

Dorothy msg me the other day about the release of MUSE and Imogen Heap's latest album, which i straight away went and downloaded it the same night. lol.

i must say its another awesome album from her. always enjoy her songs.. so mystical and her electronic musical style never fails to soothe me, as if i'm in a fantasy land.

All Hail MUSE!

i like the album cover design. i like their new sound. i just like them. i duno how to describe their new album... the songs somehow.. softer this time. unlike Black Holes and Revelations where you get to hear some heavy alternative rock in them. some of the songs in 'The Resistance' too are similar to some from 'Black Holes and Revelations'.

anyway, just enjoy the songs from 2 very different albums =D
Imogen Heap - Canvas

MUSE- Uprising

MUSE- Undisclosed Desire

yeah.. finally there are new musics in my playlist XD

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