finally our lecturers gave out a good news. at about time...

the submission date for the Nokia Widget competition thing has postponed until the week after Hari Raya. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~!!!!! that means we all have more time to struggle with the programming stuff. nooooooooooooooooooooooo~!!!!

the actual date was 14th, which is tomorrow. part of us are relieved that we are given more time to knock our head with the codes, but then we just want to finish it as soon as possible, to get back on our original module track, not some alien coding which we know nothing of!

so.. basically after hearing the news, can say, all of us, including me, slack off for the weekend. and my housemate has introduced another new shooting game to me. hahahaha~! Section 8.

i'm super poor at writing out descriptions, especially about games.. (imanoob) so just google la.

it's a multiplayer game. which means you can find me and my housemates shouting for aids from each other's room if you come visit my hostel. lol! I'm just started to play this game. installed it just 2 nights ago. erm... i'm doing farely well.... in Easy mode... told you imanoob!!!!

btw, my laptop got infected by virus again. yay!


yes, i searched the virus name online. it's sth like Virut.NBP.virus and guess what? all of the links i got told me that the only solution to cure it is to reformat. everything. coz it infects all the .exe n .dll and all other systems files which will make my laptop lag eventually... and my external harddisk kena too. yes. it's tat bad.... damn you Virus-i-got-from-limkokwing!

someone really should make a condom for pendrives. doing mass orgy in public is no good. *ehem*

my blog should be rated 18 and above.

anyway, so i'm getting my laptop reformatted on Monday. gotta back up all those important files that i stored inside my ext harddisk. need DVDs.. ALOT of DVDs....

and i really wana blog abou this. coz it's one event that truly makes me happy after a long time. =D

it seems childish, but our cute Project Management lecturer had organized a class activity to test our team work - to build a tall and strong tower using just papers (and cellotapes were given after that. it was not included in the rules at first).

i'm the leader for my group, and i wasn't lying when i told the lecturer that i'm satisfied with my group. I LOVE my group (though one tends to be missing all the time, like the day we did the class activity). anyway, we were just given 3o minutes to plan and build the tower. we were so so SO blur at first, didnt even know how to start. other groups (6 groups to be exact) were like hurrying up stacking up papers, in short, all groups except mine had started working on at least sth!

well then I told my groupmates that i wanted our tower to be strong. it doesnt necessary to be tall, but being strong is the piority. n i wanted it to be sth like Eiffel Tower.. probably could use thin crust of papers to build. so..using the thin crust concept, we started building.. without having any other further plans O_O''' we used 2o minutes to build a 'basket', according to the lecturer when she came laughing at our 'tower'. at that time most of the other groups were already 80% done with theirs. for the remaining 10 minutes, i duno what got into my group, our hands just moved so fast and each of us began to work accordingly as if we shared the same thoughts. the end result?

it wasn't the tallest. but definitely the strongest XD (and please ignore the pointed top. one of my groupmates just got naughty..and don't complain that it's ugly!!!!)

our 'paper tower' was the last to be tested by our lecturer, by throwing ball at it. if the tower still remain standing after each and every throw, the group points will increased, until it collapse. and guess what? almost half of the classmates were asked to throw ball at it and still it wouldnt collapse. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! so of course my group won the game. very very unexpectedly. i mean, we started the slowest and shortest (tower) and we even made it looked like a basket at some point. XD

my awesome groupmates. whom i'm going to stick with for the rest ofthe semester to complete a project.

yes.. it's weird to feel so happy about such game. haha! but it's really fun when all of us panic when building the tower. we laughed so much! then watching the other towers collapse after thrown by the ball were hilarious to watch too. and everyone's reaction! god! it;s like going back to high school again! XD XD XD

ok. it's near 4 a.m in the mornin and i have to get up at 8 to go down to Petaling Jaya to attend my cousin;s graduation!

you guys must appreciate this post coz it's been a while that i write this much XD

but before i go. here. have a Sarawak Laksa XD

best cusine in the world to me :3

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