3D preview!

Sakura naked!!!! have to put some clothes on her.. thn make her walk!

Multimedia Project Management preview!

I swear that my group is gona be the best!!!!

Multimedia Imaging preview!

"How to Eat Ice Cream" storyboard (well.. 2 of them). one of my classmates commented it's abit creepy, so my lecturer wanted me to edit it abit.... what do you guys think? i want feedbacks!!!

Video Production a.k.a green screen preview!'

"The Conscience" storyboard (not all lah).
Actor: Shahril
Story and concept brought to you by yours truly and partner Khee Ming
because we love Bakemonogatari.

Web Design a.k.a Nokia widget... awaiting results...

erm.. promo poster?? anyway. just to show you guys =_='''

damn widget...

there you go.. of what i've been busy doing these days and the following months. it's not easy producing a video! gah!

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S-H-e-R-R-i-E said...

I like the cute multimedia project...