i gotta say this first, or else you guys would get it wrong.

ehem.. i love my housemates, and i love staying with them.

however..sometimes..it is kinda sad... tat's why it took me quite awhile to blog about the thing that i wana blog now.

i enjoyed the shopping at Sunway on mooncake day together with my housemates. and i enjoyed the movie that we watched on the same night. but honestly, i didn't enjoy Mooncake Festival thoroughly.

sometimes it's abit frustrating for being the only hyper and festive people in the house. almost the same thing happened on my birthday, not that i mind. but this time, it's just... the whole point of having the festival was never seen at all...

i was really looking forward to the dinner that we had first planned. i told them quite a few times that i wanted to have oriental food for dinner, or just hot pot, since it's a Chinese festival. i wanted to share my mooncakes with them, probably after the dinner, and have some tea as well. i wanted to hang the lanterns that my mum and sis bought specially for me, coz they know i still play with them. and all of these little hopes went just 'poof'.

well, i did share one mooncake with them, after some persuading. see? i HAD to persuade them!

ok ok. i still like the fact that we went out together to celebrate the festival. but... really.. having chicken chop, lamb chop and all those western chop wasnt part of the plan...

and erm... nearly most of them don't like to have their pictures taken. arrrgh~~~ so i don't have much photos to post.

Khee Ming, Wei Yan (i think this is the spelling), and Albert. i had to be a paparazzi to snap this! they'll get unhappy if i shoot more T__T

Shi Xian and me. well.. i was pointing at Allen because he took like... 25 continuous shot of me and Shi Xian! and this the last shot..when i noticed that he did that.... he told me he did it for revenge since i always took their photos....

Allen the cuplrit. lol...

ya... all the spirit for Mooncake Festival is gone...T__T

and i realy had to persuade them to eat my mooncake!!!!!!

this is the mooncake that my sis bought from Hong Kong. i wanted so much to share with them.

yay~ finally got them to cut the mooncake and had one each. but then.. i was the one who finished it up. I even brought the famous Kuching mooncake (neh..the flat flat one) but they didn want to eat anymore~!

before we went out for the dinner, i told my housemates that i wanted to bring my lantern as well..but they thought it's childish and embarrassing..i had to dismiss the thought... thinking that..ok, maybe i'd play with it when we're back from dinner.

and who knows after dinner we went for a movie. lol! we watched Tsunami that night, until 12.30a.m. the movie is..great, for a Korean movie.. some parts of the CGI looks really fake, but some looks real. what most of us like is the storyline, the plot and the characters, all of them are very convincing.

and so.... my lovely lanterns waited longingly at home for my return.

since my housemates straight away went to sleep after reaching home, so i just 'lighted' up my lantern and hung them inside my room.

this one is cute. the battery light inside is shaped like a big fat candle. and when it's switched on the light actually flickered!!! =D just like a real candle does when it's lit on! cool right? and my mum told me it's damn safe to play. well.. of coz la XD

and say hello to another safe and unique lantern~! =D this time it's Doraemon printed on it! :p
for this one, the light is installed inside the lantern, and when switched on, the light changes color. from red to blue to green and back to red again :) this one too, can be stuck on the window, coz it has that round sucker thing made from plastic... i have no idea what its name is... anyway. so yeah..

i'm really happy that my mum and sister bought these 2 for me. even though this year i didn manage to really play with it, but for the coming year, i'm so gona make my ideal way of celebrating Mooncake Festival work!!

and what did i buy during the shopping? i really shop tat day! like.. didnt care at all O.O'''


a Totoro coins/handphone pouch RM 13.90
elianto silver glitter nail paint RM 5
and Forever 21 t-shirt, which just costs RM 49!!! spotted by Shi Xian

well..at least i still told myself must not spend more than RM 100....hehehe..

that's all for today's PMS-ing post.

and here;s another reasonable reason why i blog about my mooncake festival this late: the workload is just too much!!!!!! O.O''''

aarrrgh.... *goes back PMS-ing*


Quin said...

i wud love love love to celebrate ur ideal mooncake festival. to eat mooncake, to play with lanterns and burn down candles... ahhh....

but i didn't even managed to eat a slice of real moon cake this year!!! =(

love love your doraemon lantern. but an old-schooler like me, i still truly like those with glass paper and candles better.

hana said...


What you described is my PERFECT mooncake festival which I used to have every year until this :C

Your roomates..... *whack their heads with mooncakes*

And batteries lantern? Don't you have paper ones with real candles cuz I refuse to play batteries operated one :P

Don't tell me it has music too omg i kinda dislike that kind a lot hahaha.

But anyway! I see you bought lots of pretty stuff! One day you shall buy a bling bling heels ok!

eiChi said...

@Quin: how come you didnt manage to eat one? too bad :( next year must urself one traditional mooncake! XD

@hana:lol!!! ya.. i still hav lots of Kuching mooncake, should whack their heads with those. haha XD

i do have the paper lanterns. 5 to be exact. i played with them last year, didnt burn them XD btw, the batteries lantern i blog about dont have music one, yay~ i don't like those music one as well :P

bling bling heels... i'd set my eyes on one pair bling bling wedges. maybe gona buy that as my first :P

MySasukeIsCuterThanYours said...

That was a Ben10 lantern!!! I love B10 it's soo cute!! :D:D

Anonymous said...

hey. I would like to know. where did you get the totoro pouch from?