Frankly I have no idea how to start this post.

1st pic: Allen Walker. the result of procrastination. when I was really frustrated form doing all those work.

2nd pic: Lavi. Hannah requested for him after seeing the 1st pic, thus becoming another reason for me to procrastinate during the weekend. hohoho!

both characters are from anime/manga D.Gray-man. and both pics are painted using SAI. another great painting software (I daresay..better than Corel Painter. this software is my new Love now)

there.. at least I started it.

anyway. my mum came to KL for a few weeks! Yay~! =D it has become like a routine for my sister to buy her air tickets occasionally to come here and enjoy her stay with us lovely daughters :3 too bad that I am having my finals these few weeks.. I managed to go down to PJ for 2 days to stay with my mum. and she's still as cute as ever XD

I have a final assignment that has to be submitted this Thursday.. and I'm still barely 50% done with it. lol! Teacinno will be my best buddy throughout these 3 weeks of sleepless nights.

owh~ my life is full of caffeine ~!

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