finally! One down!!!!! ahahahahahaha~!!!

and I'm slacking off for the night :3

yay~ i think this can be considered as class photo :P hahaha~! now let me introduce them to you one by one. lets start from the guys at the last row, from left. ehem. it starts with Wilmendy, Ying Kit, Mario (the super Mario XD), Dylan (my 兄弟 a.k.a Mafia brother :P), Wai Long (...he likes to kacau and poke me =_=''), Chun Chek (an artist lo :p), Andy (my little brother ^_^), Khee Ming (my housemate a.k.a anything PC and anime related source. lol!) and Aesop (just transfered from MMU this semester).

thn is the 2nd row of the girls. the one squatting down is Ain, Nini, ME!, dear lecturer Ms Aizati (she is GOOD and WISE!) , Grace (.. she just doesnt like to be in any pictures... ^_^'') , Ida and Ela at the far right :P

ok. those guys who's squatting down at the front. first there's Ali (the oldest in our class!! guess his age :p) , Richard (another funny dude XD), Noh, Shahril (my best actor :D), Abdollah (he is pro man~) , Kahirul (Shahril's TWIN BROTHER!), and lastly, Senjab :)

well. actually there were some Malay girls missing this morning for the Multimedia Imaging 2 final presentation.. hope they manage to finish their work by tomorrow.

the presentation this morning was good. everyone has done a good job on their videos! =D mine seems like nothing already. LOL! but it's really great to see all my buddies have improved alot! if i have the chance to grab their videos, i'm so gonna share them with you all. Especially Andy's, Richard's and Mario's XD theirs really grab the attention of the class! :3

oh I love my classmates more and more XD

btw, Im currently uploading my work on Youtube now. might take up the whole night to upload. so..stay tune for my work my dear readers (if there is any.. make some noise lah XD).

okay.. since I'm so decided to enjoy my night. gona watch some movies now. hohohohohohoho~

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