okay. this is a very crappy Halloween art. but who cares~? at least I throw my assignments aside and drew this for you all~ =D



and here's the video that I promised to post up here.

we had to do a short CV kinda thing that starts with the title 'How To', and I chose to do the ice cream topic, because I love eating ice cream!!! =D

I used Adobe After Effects and flash to complete this video. personally I think I could have done better :/ great...this holiday I shall polish my skills and improve my creativity!

anyway, hope you all will enjoy watching my work, and do rate it if you think it's good/creative/just well done XD well of course, critiques are welcome too.

ahahahaa... I SERIOUSLY gotta improve my technical skills =_=''''

there you go. hope you all will like the Halloween art (even though it's crap!) and also enjoy my work =D

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