it's a damn~ cold~ night~ @.@

it's monsoon season!!!! and somehow I miss the hot days.

yeah..blogging about the weather is lame. of course all Malaysian know that it's monsoon season =3=


sorry to disappoint you guys especially Hannah and Faye, but I'm not a contact-lenses person XD. I did get used to it, but.. but.. the process of putting them into my eyeballs hurts my eyes every time :( ..my eyeballs become bloody red and cry each time I got the contact lenses in. and when my housemate helped me to pick up my glasses from the pipe..i was so damn happy =D

right...some of you might be wondering how the hell did my housemate got my glasses out. well..i'd said this in my FB, apparently I was too dumb to know that not all water pipe goes smoothly downwards, instead they have this kind of L-shaped junction...so my glasses got stuck at that junction, which is like.. 50 cm deep? and when Allen my housemate, knew about my ridiculous glasses-dropped-into-pipe story, yeah, he found it really ridiculous and went to look into the pipe (he has GREAT eyesight! I tell you!!) and just swiftly put his hand into the dirty water pipe hole, and dragged out my (at that time, very unhygienic) glasses. i had to soak it in soap water for a day before taking it out and scrub it with lots and lots of bubbles before I dare to wear it. lol! but yeah... for me.. it feels so good to have my glasses back. at least i don't have to go through that torturing process again every morning, literally poking my eyes with my own fingers!! O.O'''

as for the already bought contact lenses. i'm still keeping it for future use. who knows i might wana feel to be a little bit pretty for some occasions XD ahahahahahaha~~~

anyways, time to post some of my work again :)

this time it's 3D!!! the Haruno Sakura 3D version done my me!! =D

ahahaha~ I made her to walk a 'sexy-walk' cycle XD XD and the expressions are just to torture her!!! wahahahahahaha!!!!

you know, i have plans during the holidays. instead of drawing a Christmas illustration like I do every year.. this time, i wana make full use of what I learn in motion graphics.. wakakaka. so stay tune people :P i'm evolving!!!

and here's another piece of artwork i just did tonight. found the sketched when i was spring cleaning my room the other and scanned it in :P
the name's ClowntheKid (yeah.. the name is inspired from Soul Eater's character, Death the Kid..oh well.. I sucks at naming things :p)

used Paint Tool SAI to color everything... and erm.. this is my first time to color sth without having any outlines O.O'''

right.. so i guess this is my last day to be inside my little room. my sis is coming to fetch me tomorrow and there's a 90% chance that me and housemate will be moving to another place next year. everything's packed. and i guess it's woman's nature that we MUST have alot of things @.@''' because, it's a big headache for me to pack everything because it really is damn alot!!!!!!

gona miss this little room if i do move to another place *sob* it has been a nice little comfortable room for me *sobs more*


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hana said...

Red eyes? It means its either dirty or the wrong side. Its not supposed to sting at all.

btw, eye makeup always looks weird in the beginning. Just find the right colors and blend blend blend. Most people fail in the blending part lol. Use at least 2 colors to start with. you're artistic u should be able to figure it out better than me XD


oh and sakura looks like an obaachan when she gets all mad ahahahahaaha ya i don't like her much obviously although she is much likeable in shippudden. And in the Final Fantasy clip I accidentally saw in the recommend section when your vid finished playing hahahaha.

love your vibrant or is it vivid? colors in clownthekid. super creepy lah his face! Like sleepy sleepy like that but would eat you up in a second if you're not careful wteff.