spot me?? spot me??? this photo was taken yesterday after the final + formal presentation I mentioned in the previous post :P

and i didnt wear my glasses. ahahahaah. i think i'm easy to be spotted. neh~ the front row.. about in the middle... :P wakakaka. i think i look nice without specs. what do you guys think? hohoho

more photos from the presentation! thanks Ain for bringing her camera and my classmates who took turn to take the photos.

oh man... look at me! i look chubbier without my glasses. becoz everything now focuses on my big nose! btw, this is me and my groumates!! Ying Kit, me, Nini, Ain and Ammar. and i daresay we formed a great team XD great job guys! =D

ohya, btw, the project is about designing several promotional items for the National Kidney Foundation .so our group proposed to form a campaign sort of thing..and designed the campaign related promotional items :P

yaya. our 'promotional items' :P ok, we suckes at craftsmanship.. =_=''' pls dont compare us with Graphic Design and Architectural students. lol!

ok. enough about the presentation stuff.

yesterday..(must take note that now is Sunday already), i had a great time with my classmates a.k.a buddies. well, we actually planned to watch 2012 at 3pm, but when we got there, we found out that all the seats were fully booked. we discussed for quite a looong time and decided to watch the 7.30pm one, which there are still like 20 free spaces, in the very first front row, and we had 13 people altogether. lucky that the cinema hall is big, the first row is like 5 feet away from teh screen. so yeah, we managed to watch it, still comfortably XD

being a good person, im not gong to post anything about the movie. if you wana know, just go watch it yourself :3 ahahahaha. well..actually i just sucks at review writing =_=''' but overall, it's a really good movie so i guess its worth a watch, with all the earth cracking and big big tsunami taking over the Earth. ehehhe

and i first played bowling today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D and i'ma noooob! seriously. although i almost strike for like.. 4 or 5 times? ahahaha... but most of teh time the ball just rolled into the drain =_=''' but yeah its a good start for me :3 next time u guys can jio me out to play bowling liaw XD

aaaah... u guys must be wondering... how the hell did i managed to watch teh movie. well..because i got myself new contact lenses @.@ and i did swore to myself that i'd never wear contact lenses.. but.. but... desperate circumstances always lead to desperate measures...

nah~! i bought it, and wore it for a day @.@

the experience was... fresh.. =_=''' it really did feel weird to be able to see everything clearly without having any glasses on. and I hvnt tried to put them on myself yet. the shop assistant helped me to do so yesterday afternoon when I bought it. however, it took me just less thn 5 minutes to take them out myself O.O''' and i thought it would be difficult. i guess i'll just have to be ..brave...to poke my eye balls with my fingers. lol...

yeah.. my first ever contact lenses... who;d know that this day has come. my sis just replied me 'hahahahahahahahaha' when i messaged her that i wore contact lenses.... =___='''

so yeah... i want to end my post now as it's getting abit late and i wana sleep soon. but before i go, i'll just post the video assignment that me and my partner Khee Ming did. neh.. the green screen that i mentioned before..

yes erm.. please ignore some bad edits... it is not easy to produce the whole video coz it's really tiring to prepare props, green screen, shooting, doing CG backgrounds, editing, sound editing, soundtrack and sound effects findings.. everything!!!!! O.O''' and i must say me and Khee Ming had done great job already considering that it;s a first!

right. hopefully in the next post i'll post my 3D Haruno Sakura walk cycle video. so. good night to u all first. and thanks for watching the video :3


hana said...

Yay you finally convert to the awesome that is contact lenses. Try color ones next XD And one day you might try circle lenses like bimbo me hahahaha.

And it should be easier for you cuz you have large eyes ok. For me its DAMN HARD cuz the lenses is like what? 2 times bigger than my eye itself so I have to slant it in one side and push up to get it in aiyah super difficult lah i wish I have big eyes just press in from front boo T_____T

And if you want to draw attention away from your nose then DRAW ATTENTION TO YOU EYES! :D Ya I am trying to push eyemakeup to you here hahahaha. Cuz then I have more makeup junkies to talk with XD Ammy is stupid cuz she keeps using eyeliner only I very sian here hahahaha.

2012 hmmm I shall have to catch it this december when sis boyfriend comes over.

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

Faye said...

Oo contacts!! Yeah love em. Well I never really got used to glasses anyway, and I didn't like the feeling of the frames following my line of vision.

Wow NKF. I'm doing renal system now and just went to visit an NKF-affliated dialysis centre few days ago. All I can say is kidney failure is horrible so please please take care of your kidneys. T_T But it's kinda refreshing to see cute kidney pictures and designs instead of necrosed, cystic kidneys all the time. ;_;

Miss you la eichi san. Why is it we can never get together. T_T

Oh yeah are you going AFA? It's this weekend i think. Can't go, got exams next week. Yeah more kidney stuff. T_T

Shit why my comment so many T_T one. T_T

eiChi said...

Hannah and Faye, sorry to disappoint you two but I love glasses more 8D 8D 8D lolol!! but i think i'll wear contacts if there's any special occasions. hehehehe

and I pernah put on eye makeup before, well..playing with my sis and mum's stuff la... hahaha XD and i looked.. weird.. mayb i;m just not used to it =_=''''

Faye, when are you free? i'll still be around PJ until end of Nov. lets go catch some movies togther :P