finally! after one whole year of 'slow' planning, 1 week of actual designing + coding + buying web host & domain name, and 2 more days for finalizing the codes, my personal website is finally up!!!! =D

link link CLICK!

wahahaha... really... after one whole year.....plenty of ideas in my mind and plenty of sketches i'd drawn... trying to come out with one site that truly represents me and my style. it is not easy O.O'' plus i wana keep my website simple and straight to the point.

i still like normal html and css website in the end. i give up the idea of doing a full flash website for now as.. i personally don't really favor flash sites, plus my knowledge of actionscript is just.. sympathetic... lol!!!

but but! i'm learning more on websites coding now by doing freelance job =D and i must really thank my boss for offering this opportunity to me even though, like I said, my knowledge of coding is really limited :S but i'll do my best!!! =D

going back to my lovely Kuching tonight :P can;t wait to eat mum's cooking and of course my ever favourite Sarawak Laksa!!!!!!!!


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