2 days after arriving home and only I started another post. hahaa. sorry, was busy making myself a debit card for PayPal (only to figure out that now it withdraws funds straight into our Malaysia banks as well...oh well...:p) and my name card. and of course meeting up with my friends :)

4th December was my daddy's birthday, me and my sis drawn a cartoon picture of him together with Meeko the dog and LittleStrong the goldfish, and then framed it nice and classy :P dad was really amused to see the picture we drew, and he put it in the living room.

bought this little cake for him as well. from PullMan Hotel, since I was there that day with my photography buddies :P

speaking of PullMan Hotel, it's a new hotel in Kuching, situated behind Permata Car Park. well this is just my personal opinion.. the hotel is just.. normal. nothing really fancy in it. standard lobby..standard lounging area... even the Christmas tree decorated is simple.

@PullMan Hotel....playing with black and white

followed my parents to ChungHua Middle School No.1 for their.. erm.. alumni gathering dinner/event. i just tagged along since there was free food to eat for the whole night. haha~ and guess who I meet over there. it's Garlic Killer , another artsy girl in Kuching. love her crafts and creativity in art too :) i was in doubt at first when I saw her, not sure if it's really her, until she called me first. glad that she recognizes me. haha. my Doraemon hand is popular after all XD haha! bumped into Christy's brother as well, a friendly dude I must say XD know him since young, as he would always tagged along during drawing competitions where me and Christy were competitors XD oh my god that was so loooong time ago O.o'''

anyway. gotta sleep early today as tomorrow I'll be going to the Photoboneo Gallery at the Pustaka Library. nop, i didn't submit my works for the exhibitions. i'm just going there to join in the crowd XD

btw, like my season's greetings banner?


Garlic Goh said...

Ahaha...Actually we know each other since young.when u lived at bintawa,we are neighbours,if i'm not wrong.and ur parents know my parents too..XD..my mum is沈秀容.
That was soooo zhun!!!

eiChi said...

lol!!! wow! How come I have no 印象 one? hahaha~ so long didn go back there d. :P u still live there ka?

Garlic Goh said...

yea loh....my grandma's home.go there everyday:)