you guys must be thinking that where the hell I've gone since it's holiday and still this blog is lack of updates. lol!

right..so I was lazy, plus the free WiFi I'm using now is unstable. Sometimes it's fast and sometimes it just wouldn't connect. Now my Streamyx package is still the RM 20 one.. very cheap I know.. but the limit of connection is 10 hours a month!!! O.O''' that is NEVER gona be enough for me, for I online for more than 10 hours a day :/ maybe gona upgrade the package to RM 66 one soon... well.. gona get my laptop reformat first.

got myself some freelance projects to do. and my Christmas motion graphics plan has to be put on hold... I wonder if I can finish it in time :( if can't then... another Christmas art for all XD really feel like doing another art style. haha..

speaking of art, drew this last night when I was stuck doing some coding, so I just took my time off and did some doodling. In the end came out with this one. It was raining last night, and I was listening to MEW's 'Comforting Sound' (ps* it REALLY is a great soothing song. google and download it. trust me :P) .

3rd time doing semi-realism using digital painting method? I duno... but Paint Tool SAI is amazing XD hahahaha...so sorry to Open Canvas and Corel Painter as I sort of..abandon them. lol. feel like drawing more now...

no~! cannot oledy! I 抓蛇alot already. time to get back to coding :P hopefully can update again soon. hahaha. XD


richie said...

why the picture so like me one ?? Hanson and cute..

eiChi said...

aiya.. u duno how i miss you meh? of coz look like u lah XD

... nah~ u so 'si ai bin' one XD next time i'll draw a persian cat that looks like u :P