so I was somehow regretting not bringing my tripod back. because it's hard to take self portrait without it O.O''' and what I did was putting my cam at a higher place and just shoot from there. it's hard to get the perfect height that reach the eye level of mine.... but meh... as long my face is in, whether I have to squat or sit, I'm satisfied XD

let me be narcissist for today :P

I make the picture small because I look ugly when the pic blows up. ahahahaah!

and I LOVE BOKEHS!! (note* bokeh is the unfocused light that formed the round light ball...) adding bokeh to my pictures, esp those one tone pictures, making them feel so pretty, so melancholy, so dramatic and so conceptual :P

this is actually a horizontal b/w picture and I rotated it 90 degrees counter clockwise...adjusted the colors and added in the bokehs, now the picture contents another meaning. how does it make you feel? what thoughts come into your mind when you look at it? for me it feels mystical, as if something would happen if I stare long enough.

ok. enough of me crapping away my own photo editing style.

Lucite Tokki has finally released their 2nd album =D it's a Korean independent / pastel band. their first album is simple, soothing and relaxing. can;t wait to start listening to the new one. still halfway downloading it, Thanks to Amane for giving me the link :P

*i can'y get pictures of the album from anywhere bcoz the net is slow :( but you know you can always google it*

click here to download if you wana give pastel songs a try :P to me, the music of a song is the priority, followed by lyrics. that's why even though I can't even understand a single word in the song, but the music triggers my mood and imagination, it's a love :D

ok, I gotta go to sleep now. tired and sleepy.


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