Lucite Tokki- 손꼭잡고

Lucite Tokki, one of the first few Asian Indie bands that I love. I came across their songs when I was browsing for Casker's song in Youtube. At that time I still have no idea where to download indie songs, so I got most of the indie songs from Amane . She is my 'sifu' in everything about independent songs :P got most of the awesome tracks from her.

another indie band I'm posting today is called 'The Little Ones' from US.

click here for the link to the video. the embedded video is being disabled :(

anyways, their songs are just, so youthful and 80's, even the music video looks like one :) i wonder where the lead vocalist comes from. he definitely doesnt look like American to me :P

still. the best is MEW, damn I LOVE THEM!!!

MEW -Am I Wry? No

I heard they are going to perform in Singapore next year February... !!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! how i wish my terms starts in February so I could ride the train down to Singapore and watch them!!!!!! O.O'''' "MEW is LEGEND!!" as quoted from Richie, the guy who first introduced them to me. now i;m addicted to them :/

in short. i'm just addicted to independent songs. and I've become so outdated of today's hits :P

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