For the first time I found it difficult to design a website for other people. In class we can do whatever we want, as long as the lecturer approves. In the real world, we have to do what the client wants until he/she approves. Right now I've done several design options, hoping that one of them will get approved. lol! I'm still a newbie in this!!!

Let's just hope it wouldn't end up like this one here. How A Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

Anyways, thanks to Piaw, I finally got to play the long awaited L4D2~~!!!!! Nyahahahahaha~!!! Gamer Chichi is back!!!

Right, I was so excited when I got the game installed into my laptop. Some campaigns still crashes at times in between maps, but still I get to play them all, even though I have to restart the game. and I must say that L4D2 is awesome (for a girl who only plays shooting game like me, hahaha). there are several factors which make me say that: ehem.

1st - one of the melee weapons is a Katana!!! this one is enough to 'shiok' me, and it's damn sharp!
2nd - more guns to choose. Although I don't know their names well, all I know is there are more rifles types to be chosen. hahaha!
3rd - damn more infected bosses. the Jokey is annoying as hell, Spitter too, and the extra Walking Witch is just.. extra...
4th - WTF there are 2 Tanks coming together!!!
5th - Shooting zombies, avoiding infected bosses, and finding your way through a STORM is tough!
6th - No more hiding at a corner together and shoot zombies during incomings, because there're missions to be completed before the incomings would stop.
7th - Really needs a team to play the game. Or else, if play Single Player, I don't think we are able to complete a campaign unless we put on God mode.

I switched the game to Easy mode and finished playing all the map (before that I played with MeeKok and Piaw for the first 3 Campaigns..mostly using cheats XD) . I played it easy as I have to make myself familiar with the routes and missions first, I don't want to be dying all the way just because I got lost :S

So yeah, feeling content at the moment as I get to play L4D2 anytime I want now. hahaha~ can't wait for term starts so I can play with my housemates again, just like how we used to during the first sem of this year :P


neilwasabi said...

All Hail L4D2!

Anonymous said...

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MySasukeIsCuterThanYours said...

I love L4D2!!!