So I'm being a good girl and stay home, celebrating Christmas Eve :3 not that I mind, but at this age I really would like to go have some fun (and some beer, hohoho)

But anyways, staying home and listening to Christmas songs is relaxing too, since I was basically exhausted from the outings and work. Played badminton after 2 long years with the 5I friends, and damn my muscle pain is still there. lol! Went to karaoke with them too yesterday, so I had quite an eventful Christmas week :)

these 2 was taken during the 2nd mini mini 5I- gathering XD

they haven't change abit :) it's really damn fun to hang out with them all again. I MISS 5I!!!! right now, it is hard to get all 5I-ians to gather together again :(

I'd also missed out the chance to post about my favourite Winter Solstice Day!!! =O even though on that day itself I went out for badminton, I wouldn't forget to make and eat my favourite glutinous rice ball!!!!!

so cute~ so white~ so pink~ so soft~ aaahhh~~~~ :3

yup, after awhile it's gona be Christmas~ I've not much to blog really, just want to post the pictures :)

My little Christmas tree has brand new light decorations!!! and a star on top!! =D

and Christmas Tree Lights BOKEH!!!!! =D

last but not least.


MERRY X'MAS TO YOU ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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