I posted the photo above before. See my lecturer? The lady in the middle, jusr beside me, wearing the black and white tudung? That's her, and I'll tell you all a little about her.

When I first attended her class, which is motion graphics, mostly playing with Adobe After Effects, I was somehow amused to see the tiny figure of hers, though she's graceful and always looking calm. And after that first class, we know already that she's not one to mess with, because just by listening to her teaching and constant speech on her experience in the outside world, it's clear that she's so wise and skillful and damn strict. and she rode big bikes. I truly respect her for that.

She told us that her body's fragile after having an operation, and her voice's so soft that we have to be so quiet to listen to her. Have I mentioned that she's skillful as well? She always had all kinds of creative ideas to help us with our work, even in technical skills. The things she said always make all of us think and brainstorm. To me her class's never boring, instead I always gain alot just by attending her class.

I was sad when she told me in Facebook, just 2 weeks ago, that she would not be teaching anymore this year, but still would remain as a staff in LKW.

and I still can't believe now that she's gone, because of an accident.

You don't know how shocked I was when my friend from West Malaysia told me about the news just an hour ago. I just couldn't believe it that I went to her Facebook page and checked, and what I saw was rows and rows of condolences that were given by fellow students and lecturers. It's confirmed. She's no longer here.

She loved big bikes, and was a great biker for so long, but it was that that took her life away.

Rest in peace, Ms Aizati Aziz. you will always be remembered , and of course one of the great lecturers that had inspired me a lot.

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Johana Dato' Johari said...

Aizati was my beloved cousin. She was an angel, always kind, gentle, thoughtful and caring. For as long as we remember her, she will continue to live on in us. Let her legacy improve who you are and how you live your life. Although her time with us was far too brief, she touched lives of so many people who are forever altered after her passing. Please pray for her soul. Thank you.