my last semester result was out yesterday. It's good, with only 1 B+. but that B+ is from my Web design subject O.O'''

I was definitely feeling down when I saw that. Because what my friend had said come true. He told me that for us, no doubt that we could get an A for Web Design, but if because of the Nokia widget competition that we got a B or C, then we're just totally being victimized ...

I voiced my opinion out to my lecturer and she told me I complain too much XDD oops, Sorry, can't help it.

well if it's other subject that got B or C I don't mind. but web... the web which I somehow have confidence in T___T

but I got over it alright. bcoz out there, it's experience that matters =D

So. there goes my result. I wonder what would my current boss be thinking if he saw my grade for Web. lol!


anyways, I've been watching Disney Cartoons again lately, those cartoons which were released during the Disney Renaissance a.k.a Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Mulan etc. Well I just finished Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas, gona watch Mulan tonight. and damn I just realised that how beautifully the cartoon is drawn and the soundtrack for each Disney movie is unique and wonderfully composed. Now I'm spamming the soundtracks on my iTunes. haha~

I've yet to watch The Princess and the Frog, i heard that it's good. well I do hope that it matches the quality of the old ones, in terms of story plot and soundtrack.

I mean, the Disney cartoon movie soundtracks are just awesome! Who would ever forget the songs like 'Be Our Guest', 'Beauty and the Beast, and 'Colors of the Wind'? the infamous Jungle song 'In the jungle the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight~' that sung by Pumba and Timon? I LOVE THEM! i guess most people (for eg me and my sis) grew up watching them!


Went to have my driving law test this morning. You know, studying everything in BM again is just torture, because it's been 3 whole years since i last read a book in BM O.o''' well, nevertheless I pass the exam. I was expecting I would fail since I really didnt pay any attention when 'reading' the law book. i mean, I just read, not going into the brain at all.

going to attend the practical class this weekend for 6 hours. and great I have to rummage my wardrobe for collar t-shirt since they don't allow us to wear just normal round-neck t-shirt =_='''


and whoala!!!!

the Apple Tablet is CONFIRMED!!!!! *drools*

I dare not to look at the price for this item but sure it's tasty. this thing make designing so much easier! and it's so savvy and classy and sleek... *drooling more*

right I'm not a techie so I won't be blogging more about Apple Tablet. lets just say that I'm a girl who loves high tech gadgets but know naught about technical stuff 8D ahahahahaha~


and you know, till now I still can't believe that my lecturer is gone. just like that. maybe I;'m feeling this way coz we're separated by the South China Sea, it just feels so surreal when I heard the news because I couldn't get to see her one last time. It's like there's no proof telling me that she's gone...

maybe reality will dawn upon me when I start my semester... where her presence is no longer there at the campus, thn I'd truly believe that she's no longer here.

right. enough of my rants and complaints and random babbles.

eiChi signing off for now :)


Quin said...

my favs disney classics are hunchback of notre dame and lion king. i love them both for its majesty in setting, storyline and songs. one of my fav disney songs will have to be hunchback's 'out there'. heard of it? simply pure goodness.

princess and the frog, was to me, a disappointment. didn't live up to its predecessors at all. but it's great to see back on the traditional animation track. however, traditional or 3D, it's all in the story. and princess and the frog didn't hit it for me.

see you in march!! =D

eiChi said...

ah. Hunchback. just watched it 2 days ago. one of the darkest Disney cartoon XD I like it too.

i think my fav song from that is the theme song, 'The Bells of Notre Dame'.

hmm.. n maybe i should just download the Pricess n the Frog to watch instead of wasting money to buy DVD or go cinema XD