for the past few days I was busy cleaning up the house for Chinese New Year. can't guarantee that everything would be spotless clean. those dust and spiderwebs are just so stubborn and resided in some corners where I couldn't even reach.

as some of you have already noticed that I changed my blog header to the New Year theme :) its the Chinese paper art style. If you guys like it, here is a gift for you all.

at first I did the pink theme :P but apparently guys don't really like pink much. so I came out with the 2nd version which is the red+gold theme. more grand eh?

so click the links for download XDDD let me know if you use them :P



ok, and here's sth extra for the coming lovey dovey Valentine's Day :)

personally I'm not satisfy with the outcome but heck, I've finished it so just deal with it XD It's another Hyuuga Natsume fan art, and this obviously is for all the female population out there!! Here's some chocolate for you, specially made by Natsume himself. ahahahahahaha! *fan girl mode*

Happy Valentine's Day in advance to all :DD

ps* more CNY art to be coming

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