Sorry that I wasn't able to update my blog during the one week of Chinese New Year. I must say, this is the most eventful Chinese New Year I ever have. There's hardly a day that I was completely free at home. by the time when I got some time to relax at home and watch some TV, I had to start packing for the new semester.

and here I am, at West Malaysia, no longer in my beloved Kuching :(

My sis had bought the Monday, 6 a.m early flight. After a short hang out with Gary, Sanda, Wingle, Brennan and his bro, I went back home with a heavy feeling, slept for 3 hours, went to airport at 4.30 a.m, bade goodbye to my parents with a heavy heart, and arrived at KL at 8a.m. then I finally accept the fact that my 3 months holiday in Kuching is over.

Life back in KL is still the same. Before heading back to my Cyberjaya place, I stay with my sister first and go to her office everyday, mostly to help out with some graphics work or just simply leeching their internet :P this year is not an easy year for me. It's my final year in degree and I have to take action now. No more waiting and planning. There will always be doubt but I'm always told that we'll never know what will happen until we take the first step. So I really gotta work hard, for the sake of getting enough money to support myself, not to burden my sis anymore.

Right, enough of the heavy talk. It's time to post photos!!!! It's going to be a lot. Well I'll still try to filter them. Those who have my Facebook page can view it there, as I uploaded all of them over there. Anyway, so I'll post it chronologically :P Start with the eve of Chinese New Year~! :D

-CNY eve-

Mum is always the best cook in the world. So sorry that until now, I still haven't learn a skill or two from her :P

Me with the food. I was just too excited to start tasting them all ~

I have to skip some photos as they are too personal.. ahahahaha. Ok, so this is a photo of my family playing with the fire crackers at 12 a.m midnight. My dad bought the 1300 long one, took about a few minutes to reach the top :P shiok~!

-1stday of CNY-

Usually on the first day we visit my mother side of family first. We gathered at our big uncle's son, Ah Chung koko's house. I forgot who they were listening to at that time.

My cousin and my big uncle :D

I really like this picture. One it's so festive, with 4 out of 5 person wearing red; two, it looks just like a wedding day, and true enough those 2 in the middle are a lovely couple :P

they are all my handsome cousins!!!! XDD

and they are all my lovely cousins and daughters of my big uncle :P

nom nom nom. the cousins sitting together enjoying the lunch. Photo taken using sis's iPhone :P

mum and sis, posing with the orchid flower deco :P

me and mum. posing with my power suit XDDDDD

finally it's me and Ah Mei~! One of my lovely cousins too. She looks so pretty and slim in that gold Cheongsam of hers :D (Ah Ching's not around because she's with her family on vacation~!)

behold the Chin family. still got more relatives that are not in the photo. This was taken when we went to visit my grandpa's brother, which is my mum's uncle, house :P

-2nd day of CNY-

My sister loves this photo the most. and I do too :)

and my sis told me I look Japanese in this attire XDD ok. after so long, I finally wear something feminine. lol!

on the 2nd day we went to my dad's sister's house. There we enjoyed the lion dance ceremony. I'm not posting the other pictures of lion dance coz I don't want to spam my blog with photos of the same subject. well... portrait is always an exception.

I think she's my cutest niece ever :P I'm sure she's gona grow up to be a damn pretty lady!

Look at her, together with my other nephews. She is CUTE!!!!!!

-3rd day of CNY-
Alright. I didn't take ANY photos at all on the 3rd day, even though it was my busiest CNY day of all. At 10a.m, whole of my 4th aunt's family and little uncle's family came over, which means there are kids running around my house. Then at 11a.m, Amy, Huiying and Zhenwui (they are all my former senior at GRSS, together we brought the Chinese Club to glory~ lol) came for a visit. My seniors left first, then came my group of photography/anime hobby friends. It took about 2 hours to gather all my friends at my house, so in between that 2 hours, my 4th aunt's and little uncle's family left, then Estella and Elysia's family came over, they left, after 10 to 20 minutes, my other aunt's family came (the one with my cutest niece)... O.O'''

I followed my friends out to visit other 2 friends: Lance and Micklong. and oh I got to ride on Allen's car!!! wahahahaha!!!! It's fun to tease him :P and Allen, thanks for being my driver on that day XD

ok, so my sister bought the "大日子" movie tickets for the whole family, and after that 2 house visiting, Allen sent me over to the Spring to meet with my family to watch the movie at 5 p.m. There I met Ann Ann, she looked gorgeous that day :3 the movie was good, consider that it was 'buatan Malaysia'. hahahaha XD

after the movie, I followed my parents to my other relative houses again... got home at 8.30 p.m. I barely finished washing my face and had a good rest when Piaw, Hilary and Meekok came over, followed by Faye. lol. we just chatted and watched TV for the rest of the night until 11 pm, and after that, I went back to my room and finally got to lie on bed XD

seriously that day it's just non-stop serving and chatting and laughing and shaking hands. lol!!! like I said, it's my busiest CNY day ever! it's really too bad that I didnt take any photos that day.

-4th day of CNY-
ok.. so what did I do on my 4th day... oh yeah! Me and my sister got nothing to do so we followed my mum to visit her friend's house. and I forgot what we did later that night... if not mistaken we ate out and went back for another DVD.

-5th day of CNY-
be prepared of more photos again :P

this year I organized 2 gatherings. and this one is the 5I gathering~! Gathered at my house at 11.30 a.m, and ended our group house visiting at 8 p.m. wow... and I'm glad that I planned this gathering and most of them, who are in Kuching at that time, turn out for the event. So I'll start posting photos!

the first group photo at my house. Piaw, Meekok and Jason didnt manage to get there on time. :P

basically we took group photos at every house we visited, so I'm, gona skip those group photos and only post the 'special' ones XD

at Cindy's house, we got a surprise birthday party for Gordon, whose birthday was a few days back that time. wakakakaka~

then we visited Ying Ying, Oiitche and Phyllis, the girls who weren't able to follow us during the day :P

and we stayed for the longest at Kok Phin's house. because his house got the Karaoke system and we all got so hyped up by it XD lets the photos prove it you :P

it's my first time to see Terrence sings, Gordon was like sticking to the mic that day, and Ee Hung... is a potential singer in the making. hahahahahaha!!!!!

and this is the last group photo we took, at Kok Phin;s house :)

my day didnt end at 8.30 p.m. I had to rush to Spring again to get the room for another Karaoke session with my sister and cousin. lol! and thanks Piaw for being the driver XDD

yesh~ photo of us enjoying the rest of the night XD and my sister actually compliments that Kuching K-Box is goooooooood~!

-6th day of CNY-
Went to temple to pray with my sis and mum. Gotten my fate and luck for this year :P it's kinda good, only that I have to do a lot more good stuff. ok.... was I being mean the last year? lol! anyway, those are just for reference, but still, fate can be changed, depends on how I live my life. so I gotta live mine good and productive!

that day too Terrence came over to ask about Flash software. oh, and Ee Hung lend me his hard disk and oh my I got so many movies from him! Nyahahahahaha~ finally get to watch those movies. There's no need for me to look for torrents all over the net :P

-7th day of CNY-
it's the day for my former primary classmates to gather and visit 李老师 together. At first there are about 8 to 9 people that were able to go, but on that day itself, Faye and Henry had left early for study; Zhuo Wei had to attend a wedding party; Cynthia got to work; and MeeKok had to visit relatives house. so in the end it just left me, Ying Ying, Diana, Cindy, Geraldine and her bf :)

before heading to 李老师's house, we stopped by at 刘老师's house, and he only remembers Cindy's name. lol! but still remembers all of our habits from last time. He was our Chinese tuition teacher during secondary school years :)

and when we finally arrived at 李老师's house, we stayed for almost 3 hours, just chatting and touring her cozy apartment :P

our group photo :P look at 李老师, she still looks so young and lovely~!!!! after 9 long years!!!! wow. she should teach us how to protect our skin from aging. hahaha XD

-8th day of CNY-
packing, doing work, packing, hang out, sleep. prepared for flight :(

and now I'm here.

wahahahaha! Finally I finished this post!!!!! it's like once in a blue moon that I have this kinda mood to complete a whole long post!!!!!! lololololol!!!

and I actually skipped my registration day at Cyberjaya this morning. lol. Kesian Dylan, he sms looking for me coz he found no one at campus to be with. looks like most of my classmates aren't registering today as well. ahahahahahahaa :P

ok, time to sign off. Don;t want this post to become anymore longer. Hope you all didnt get bored reading all these. and to those who actually read until HERE, thanks for being my faithful reader. lol

Happy Class Re-opening :)


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