and today it's the Chinese New Year eve. fuffuuuu~ another lunar year is gone. and it's the time of the year again to enjoy the magnificent firework show, only in Kuching :3 the longest record was 1 hour and a half, which was a few years ago and during that time the fireworks just wouldn't stop! Kuching people sure is a naughty bunch XD

and right now I can already hear fireworks all around my neighbourhood... niiice.. cant wait for 12 a.m later. hopefully this year i can snap some good fireworks photos XD


now i wonder how do you guys spend your Chinese New Year eve. I know it's a must for every family members to gather and eat the 团圆饭, but what do you guys do after that? My family for instance, would just watched TV together in the living room and play fireworks at 12 a.m, and we've never ever broke this tradition of ours :3 the family time is just too precious.

I kinda envy too for my friends who are able to celebrate this day with their friends. like going elsewhere to countdown, or go for a midnight movie. somehow i wish i could have the chance too. to go crazy with pals on the night of new year eve :3

but yeah, it's only once a year that all of my family members (just me, sis, dad and mom) are able to gather together for so long. it's more than 7 days for my sis's stay! XDD and it's great to chit chat about anything on new year eve while watching the new year TV shows.

and the next thing i'm going to blog about has nothing to do with CNY :D

I just went to play L4D2 with the 5J gang yesterday, Hil, Piaw, Joseph, Caleb and Faye. and omg it's so damn shiok!!!! at first we just played the normal Campaign game, even though it was really a mess during certain parts, I must say it's definitely a good game. and how i love playing at Cyber Cafe, bcoz the game won't lag at all and I can aim and shoot perfectly, hohohohoho! after that we started playing the Versus mode. where players can choose to be either the survivor or the special infected :P and to me it's a love-hate relationship. i love it because it's so f**king crazy and chaotic; i hate it because, I sucks at playing versus. enough said :p but still being a Spitter is so damn nice especially if you choose the right time and right spot to spit the acid XD

and yeah, the guys taught me how to play COD4 as well. and i'm seriously a noooooooob. gotta practice more to be able to pwn the others :3

ok, i gotta get off the chair and away from the computer now. it's TV show time!!! but b4 i go, here's another piece of quick drawing for tomorrow festive events.

my confession got rejected XD

but being a single is goooooooood~!

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