this is very cute, don't you think?

and the photo looks like as if it's taken at Taiwan, coz of the name Taiwan there on the big lollipop. yesh. it's a HUGE lollipop. for those who are interested in sucking this lolli, can head over to Tai Kiong at Boulevard. gosh i'm doing free advertising here.

and I'm a sucker for anything colorful/identical stuff that placed tidily :p

well basically this post is all about the things I did just recently, apart from transforming myself into a Gorillaz character.

and my hair is back to maroon again~!!!!!! :DDDD well.. not really maroon. but a mixture of dark purple and dark red. hohohoho~ love it so much. and I aint gonna reveal it here yet. not until CNY, since it's just 5 days away :3

so. I'm so so sorry for being thick face yet again :D and hereby I would like to present my singing of 2 songs . wakakakaka! you can ignore it, as i'm just posting here in case some record labels would come looking for me. ahahahahaha~ yeah, dream on XD

well, this song is from the anime Card Captor Sakura. I didnt want the anime but I love the song so much :3 i'll never get tired listening to it, and of course I'm referring to the original version, which's sang by Maaya Sakamoto. a great Japanese singer/voice actress.

and this is from Stefanie Sun. the back part of my singing's kinda suck. and I blame my cheap mic :P wanted so much to purchase a new good mic but always think that it's unnecessary =_=

and last but not least.

a CNY greeting card for all my friends, clients, boss(s), my faithful readers, and anyone that stumbles upon my humble blog :D



Garlic Goh said...

you sing very very well~~like your voice very much:)

Anonymous said...

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