I am currently half enjoying my Friday night!!!
oh wait, it's Saturday already.. the clock shows 12.32 a.m. pft =_+

final year is tough. to tell the truth i don't really have the mood to blog these days. by the time when i stop thinking for ideas and ideas and more ideas, i just want to rush to bed and shut both my eyes and brain. but yeah, i sort of make a vow to myself that at least to update my blog once a week.

so here i am, after a day of hard work / play.

and i really don't know what else to write right now.

oh ya, i finally finished this illustration. drawn in 2008, just scanned it in a few weeks ago, and finished colored it after having my dinner.

it has absolutely no meaning at all. and i just love to play with colors, so i named it 'birth of colors'. i know it's random.

tools using pencil, old tablet, paint tool sai and PScs3.

and damn i want to purchase the Threadless t-shirts, they're having offer now and the t-shirts just cost $10!!!!! i want a credit card!!!!!

right.my mind is getting random and i really want some sleep now. @.@

plans for Saturday? oh hell it's a long list of work to do.

updated on 12.53 a.m

Richie just asked me and Allen out for Bat Kut Teh at 3/4pm later! nyahahaha!!!! which means i have to work hard in the morning :P

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