law of attraction: you become what you think you can.

it started with a simple research on the internet for articles about animation and motion graphics, and went to forums for extra information. and the more i read, the more i doubt my capabilities. there are people who are same age as me, but living a much more successful life. somehow at a point i became desperate, desperate to work more and earn more. money is a real big problem in my life... i want do more and to be known.

i was feeling down for the whole afternoon, i still don't know what my future holds for me. and it's scary. really scary. what if i'd just be a normal office designer in the end, after all the bullshit i've talk about all these years? i don't want that to happen.

and i stumble upon an article about the 'Law of Attraction' on Google Read. sorry, i forgot to save the link. so now it's gone . anyways, it's about how our thinking will somehow decide our life and future. thanks to that, i gain my confidence back.. sort of. at least right now i must, and really believe that i can be what i want. as long as there's a thought on being a well-known and sought after designer, there will be a day that it will come.

well at least that's what happen today.

on a lighter mood. yesterday's trip was a fun chaos. and i swear i'l never ever ride a KTM again, unless there's no choice left.

like i've mentioned, i joined my friends to go on a trip to search for the famous 'bak kut teh' ( a type of Chinese food) at Klang there. we began the journey at 4 p.m, and thinking that it;s still early, we headed off to Kajang instead to look for the famous satay there. it's really famous because since i came to KL, everyone is talking about it. Kajang is like a total opposite direction of Klang, far away too. and we can only go to these 2 places by using KTM.. a really painful and somehow dreadful experience. lol. i will always remember the day where Chain got left behind while the rest of us were already on the train, the scene was just too epic, i mean we were just separated by a door and we were shouting his name (well.. mostly me)... epic...

he caught up with us in the end anyway, using the 2nd train. so here it is, the famous Kajang satay.

the restaurant is called 'Malaysia'. wow. a real straight forward name. its like.. 15 to 20 mins walk from the Kajang KTM station. lucky Richie got his iphone.

the satay!!!!! and we all love the fish one. it's so good that we asked for fish satay for take away.

we didn't stay too long for the satay, as our actual intention was to go for 'bak kut teh'. so we headed back to the KTM station.. rode the train back to KL Central, and switch to another KTM line that goes to Klang. and maaaaaan.. it's damn slow~~~ O.O'' by the time we reached Klang it's already around 9.30 p.m and the last train to leave at night is 10.30pm. what's worse is that the famous 'bak kut teh' shop had closed =__+

that's the shop alright. called ' Seng Huat Restaurant'. it was featured in lots of TV food programs before. a review of the shop can be read here

no matter. we shall continue the quest next week. or next next week. lol. or during the time when we decide to ditch away the assignments :D

ok. i'm feeling sleepy already even though it's just 11.37pm. yea.. it's still consider early for me. haha. but meh.. Sunday is over soon :(

i want my weekends to be like.. everyday. tha will be cool. ahahahaha


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