It's a lazy Tuesday :D

had a presentation this morning. and I'm glad that my group pass the proposal for the channel ident re-branding smoothly, as we have enough research to support our idea and concept. yay~

it's super windy here and the sound of the wind is just so spooky o.O'' as if there's a UFO on the sky sending weird sound waves down to the earth. anyways, so I'm expecting rain any moment now. and that sucks as I've been planning to go jogging for a few days now and the sky just become dark every time I've done preparing with my tracksuit. I'm getting heavier and there's this lump of meat that starts forming around my belly... plus one of my lecturer twice telling me that I gain weight. what the heck? O.o'' I gain weight is because I'm a lucky and healthy one that has a house mate that cooks every night :D

but still I want to chop those fat off :(

and I received a surprise yesterday~!!! my friend Ruth who is studying medicine at India sent a post card to me!!!! how sweet of her :DD and i still recognize her handwriting. it's just awesome. now I wanna draw something, print it out and send it to her :P

ok. it;s really windy here, making me feeling sleepy. though I have enough sleep last night.. the temptation is just too strong... and the fact that i'm hugging a pillow now makes it even worse. i should just go for my bed now and take a nap.


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