oh my oh my oh my~ the heat is penetrating into my head, melting up my brain, making me losing my focus and thinking and talking craps all morning.

my actual plan was to start working on the motion graphics mood board.

I need an air con in my room NOW. but, thinking of the fact that the air con is one of the reason that the Earth is heating up, using the air con would mean adding the heat even more....

come lets fly to Alaska together :D

riight. listening to Coldplay now to feel the coolness from their songs.

by the way, I've yet to recover from my sickness. I got this damn high fever on Tuesday night, slight fever on Wednesday morning, and irritating flu after that. it's Friday today and my nose is still running.. damn. the weather is just getting worse and worse everyday. damn and super hot in the morning and afternoon, and a huge storm would arrive in the evening. after the storm, it'll be back to the continuous heat wave again. now tell me, who wouldn't get sick or feel irritated in this kind of abnormal weather????????

i should just name this post as a 'Weather Report'.

now my family somehow came to the conclusion that I'm sick because of the Bak Kut Teh I went to Klang and eat the other day.

yesh I shall post the photos now. ahahahahahaha!

WE MADE IT THIS TIME!!! btw. this time it's only me, Richie and Chain that continued this quest. Allen forfeited the quest due to erm.. gaming...

told you it's famous.

TADAAAA!!!!!!!!! finally get to taste the famous KlangBak Kut Teh!!!!! so delicious ok? the meat is just so easy to chew and the soup is just nice! this photo makes all my lecturers wana organize a trip to Klang!

and I assure you that the Bak Kut Teh is not the reason that I get sick. because it was after a few days that only I had the fever. or maybe right now you are trying to reason to me that the heat from the Bak Kut Teh stored itself inside my body, waiting for the right time to 'ignite'? haha. riiight... =_='''

anyways. time to update you guys about my assignments. arghhh.. there's just so many things to do ;A; couldn't really sleep well for few nights because my brain is still spinning and spinning for ideas even though my body screams for sleep! it sucks. i hate it when my spinning brain is out of my control :(

and i kinda figure out that this year is really not my year. freelancing is not going at all smooth. always losing focus most of the time. i can only get a grip on myself when I blast my ears with awesome music. thanks to Richie and Amane, now i have lots of great music to pamper my hearing senses and sparks my inspiration :D

and just awhile ago I stumbled upon this awesome music video and music.

Airport by Vital

easy listening and the music video is just comforting eh?

trust me when I say a music is good. ahahahahahahaha~! because I'm confident with my taste of music. yeerrr~~

ok. my housemates are waiting for me to finish the post and blast some heads off in Counter Strike.

yeah, because now my new plan is to do my motion graphics mood board after playing with guns :D

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