a lot of different things happened this week.

some can be shared while some... i prefer not to write them out in public. i'm not the same as before. where i blabbed everything out without having any worries.

anyway. some things are going smoothly again.. starting to get back up. while some things.. are just turning slightly off the track. mostly of my own problem, and also the fact that the one week holiday is here.

some things are just not in justice and some things are irritating the hell out of me. and I have the right to choose what's worth and what's not. and i'm definitely gonna go to where my need and want are.

then there's a some thing that bothers me even though i know the fact and the truth.

and screw that some thing which somehow makes our life miserable because the top wants us to.

oh man this is one hell of a post.

in the end i just want to show you this

a collaboration of work done by me, Dylan , and Jihia. when we were bored till death that day.

yes, this is a happy post =D because holiday is here!

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